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Lower extremity injures usually involve the femur (thigh bone) or the knee.

Femur injuries usually involve broken or fractured bone while knee injuries often involve so called “soft tissue.”

The various components of the knee involve the patella (kneecap), the meniscus (the cartilage underneath the kneecap that aids in stability), and various ligaments surrounding the knee itself. These various ligaments include the anterior cruciate ligament, the medial cruciate ligament, and others.

Whenever an injury such as this occurs, the injured worker should report the event immediately to a supervisor or other designated employee.

As soon as possible after reporting the event, it is strongly recommended that the injured worker consult an experienced workers compensation attorney for legal analysis and evaluation.

Often, when one suffers an injury to one lower extremity it causes the individual to change his gait (the way we walk). The change in gait can result in secondary trauma to the non-injured lower extremity. So, it is important to be vigilant as to any signs and symptoms involving the non-injured lower extremity. Many injured works will fail to associate the problems with the non-injured lower extremity with the work related event.

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