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Back Injury

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Back injuries often result from a single traumatic (forceful) event such as a slip and fall or while lifting a heavy object. Whenever this occurs, the injured worker should report the event immediately to a supervisor or other designated employee.


As soon as possible after reporting the event, it is strongly recommended that the injured worker contact an experienced workers compensation attorney.


Vertebrae are small bones that compose the backbone. The neck vertebras are referred to as cervical; upper and mid back vertebras are referred to as thoracic or dorsal; and low back vertebras are referred to as lumbar.


Physicians describe the various injuries involving vertebras as being bulging; herniated; or, ruptured. All three result in signs and symptoms including acute pain and difficulty in mobility.


In order to ensure your rights under the workers compensation act and thereby provide benefits such as compensation (indemnity) and medical benefits, it is important to contact this office as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights.

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