Retaining A Workers Compensation Attorney

Workers Compensation Attorney

If you have suffered a work related injury then it is time to consider hiring an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney. Workers compensation Laws in the State of Kansas underwent significant amendments in 2011. The workers compensation system may have been intended to provide prompt and fair compensation for injured workers, but now it seems to work mainly to the benefit of employers and insurers.

If medical treatment has not been furnished or if medical bills relating to the work injury have not been paid or if you are not receiving compensation for time off work because of the work related injury, then it is time to contact an experienced workers compensation attorney.

There are multiple time lines must be met in order to preserve a claim for workers compensations benefits. The variety of time lines requires a thorough understanding of relevant facts, statues, and case law. You can proceed on your own (pro se) if you wish but you will be held to the same standard as an attorney when appearing in court. As such, it is more prudent to hire an attorney and the fee arrangement must be based on the contingency of winning the case. Simply put, the attorney representing a claimant cannot receive a fee unless the claim is successful. Furthermore, the attorney fee agreement must be presented to and approved by an Administrative Law Judge.

This office will meet with a perspective client as soon as possible and often conducts the first interview by phone. Again, there is no charge whatsoever for this service. After the initial consultation, if representation is agreed upon the law office of Randy Stalcup will immediately go to work for the client.

There are ten Administrative Law Judges in the State of Kansas that exclusively preside over workers compensation cases. The offices are located at various Cities within the State of Kansas and the particular court is determined by the location of the accidental injury. Generally speaking, the courts are located in Wichita; Topeka; Kansas City; Shawnee Mission; Salina; and, Garden City.

An experienced workers compensation attorney once retained by the client will proceed to obtain all appropriate medical records and medical bills generated because of the work related injury.

If the injured worker does not have an authorized treating physician or the medical bills have not been paid or compensation (indemnity) has not been furnished, then it will in most cases be necessary to proceed to a Preliminary Hearing. Typically, the client will testify at that time.

The injured worker eventually will reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) and this law firm will then schedule an appointment for the client to see a physician so that an Independent Medical Examination (IME) can be obtained and a report issued.

At this point, negotiations will commence with the objective of reaching a settlement (Agreement) between the injured worker and the workers compensation carrier. Once a settlement is reached, then a special Administrative Law Judge typically will preside over a friendly hearing to ensure that the injured worker understands the terms and conditions of the proposed settlement and desires the Judge to approve it.

Regardless of your situation of your workers compensation claim, you are entitled to retain the services of an attorney. Hiring an experienced attorney in the State of Kansas will help ensure you in receiving the medical benefits and money due you for the work related injury.

To receive help advocating your workers compensation claim contact the office of Randy Stalcup at 316-213-9247 for a free consultation.

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